Mark Paine


Extremely versatile software developer with over 20 years of experience, a record of producing tangible results and intellectual property, and a knack for helping teams be in the right place at the right time. Proven ability to design and implement intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use software solutions independently or as a member of a team. Trustworthy, diplomatic, calm, resourceful, and especially skilled at taming complex problems.


Lead Inventor • United States Patent 7,225,182
  • "Recommending search terms using collaborative filtering and web spidering".
Lead Inventor • United States Patent 6,332,148
  • "Appearance and positioning annotation text string and base text string specifying a rule that relates the formatting annotation, base text characters".


Principal Engineer

@WalmartLabs | Kosmix • San Bruno • April 2011 to present

  • Data visualization and application architecture for an algorithmic pricing engine.
  • Primary architect of Shopycat, a Facebook app written in Rails leveraging what we refer to as the social shopping genome, constructed by way of processing signals from various social platforms.

Independent Software Development

Oct 2003 to March 2011

  • Developed a Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL/Apache/Passenger grants management system for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a California state governmental agency charged by the electorate with distributing $3 billion in funding for stem cell research.
  • Developed and continue to manage a Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL/Passenger/Apache web application for the marketing, scheduling, and signup for a series of baking and pastry classes.
  • Developed a web application in Ruby/Rails/MySQL/Mongrel/Apache to provide database-driven camp and location information, process customer reservations and payments, and handle CRM for ABK BoardSports. Recently migrated to a new hosting plan along with a transition to PostgreSQL/Passenger/Apache.
  • Created multiple geospatial web applications using Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL/PostGIS, then Python/Django for Urban Mapping Inc.
  • Developed iPhone applications for distribution in the AppStore along with a push notification service involving an OAuth Consumer, Google App Engine, the Twitter API, a custom server application written with Python/Django/PostgreSQL/WSGI/Apache, and Apple's push notification servers.
  • Created various Google Gadgets written primarily in Javascript communicating with a custom OAuth Provider written in C/Python/Django/PostgreSQL/WSGI/Apache.
  • An investment portfolio management web site to suit my personal needs complete with automatic FIFO lot matching, overrides for tax-advantaged non-FIFO lot matching, wash sale flagging and adjustment, realized/unrealized gains, corporate event handling such as symbol changes, splits, dividends, acquisitions, and rate of return calculations factoring in the time value of dividend payments. Originally created with Ruby/Rails/MySQL, then rewritten with Python/Django/PostgreSQL/WSGI/Apache and an OCaml lot matching engine. I can demo this application on request.

Owner, Chief, Software Developer, Windsurf Guru, Scuba Guide, Janitor

Villa Bientu • Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles • Mar 2005 to Feb 2007

  • Owned, marketed, and operated Villa Bientu, a 4-unit bed and breakfast in the Caribbean on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.
  • Developed an outward facing web application using Ruby, Rails, MySQL, and Google AdWords to handle all marketing, reservations, and payments for our Caribbean bed and breakfast.

Software Engineer | Engineering Manager

Overture Services Inc | | • San Mateo • Jun 1998 to Oct 2003

  • Designated as a key contributor when was acquired by Overture Services Inc.
  • Independently identified a need for, implemented, and subsequently patented a search phrase recommendation engine in Java using a k-means based collaborative filtering system.
  • Led a team of three developers in creating a books, music, and video comparison shopping engine.
  • Created a metadata editor using Java/Swing/AWT for a reverse-chaining inference engine.

Software Developer

Random Noise Inc • San Francisco • Sep 1997 to May 1998

  • Created two area composition engines in record time for web page authoring and design, the first as a Java applet, and the second as a Javascript library which included linebreaking, hyphenation, sub/superscripted text and anchored floats long before they were supported natively by browsers.

Computer Scientist

Adobe Systems Inc | Frame Technology Inc • San Jose • Sep 1987 to Sep 1997

  • 10 years of C programming.
  • Just about every activity at Adobe and Frame revolved around developing features for the FrameMaker long document publishing application. I specialized in development of the most advanced WYSIWYG area composition engine of its time, including a patented method for Japanese text layout.

QA Engineer

Symantec Corporation • Cupertino • Mar 1986 to Sep 1987

White box software quality assurance.

  • Wrote software quality assurance tools using Apple's software development tool of the time, MPW, for testing Q&A, Symantec's consumer oriented, flat-file database.


BS Industrial Management

University of Cincinnati • Cincinnati • Sep 1978 to May 1983